Intel provided a glimpse of its upcoming 14th Gen Core "Raptor Lake Refresh" processor series during its recent Innovation event. Despite not heavily promoting their "next-gen" release, the presentation included a brief demonstration of AI-related virtual production methods. Craig Raymond, a Team Blue Technologist, showcased a workstation rig that utilized the "meta-human" avatar plug-in for Unreal Engine. He revealed that the PC tower under the desk was running on the Raptor Lake Refresh, giving viewers a first look at the new hardware. The livestream dedicated only 12 seconds to the 14th Gen Core before moving on to preview a Thunderbolt 5-equipped laptop. Intel is expected to provide more details about the Raptor Lake Refresh SKUs closer to the anticipated October 17 launch of the higher-end K and KF variants.

Special thanks to VideoCardz for uncovering this information.