Intel Confirms Meteor Lake Desktop CPUs Coming in 2024

During the Innovation 2023 event, PC World's senior editor, Mark Hachman, had the opportunity to interview Michelle Johnston Holthaus, the executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group at Intel Corporation. Holthaus confirmed that the Meteor Lake desktop CPUs are scheduled for launch in 2024, alongside the mobile variants set to arrive on December 14.

While specific release timings were not disclosed, leaks suggest that Intel's 14th Gen Core/Raptor Lake Refresh desktop lineup will be released in early 2024, potentially coinciding with CES 2024. The Meteor Lake-S desktop CPU series is rumored to be released mid-year, followed by the Arrow Lake generation in late 2024.

Previous reports have indicated that Meteor Lake faced delays due to developmental setbacks. Leaked presentation slides suggested that the MTL-S SKUs would be limited to 35 and 65 W TDPs, potentially restricting the range to Core i3 and i5 product lines. Additionally, Intel's new naming scheme for the Meteor Lake generation will assign "Core Ultra 5" instead of "Core i5" for models in the "Premium" processor bracket.

During the interview, Holthaus emphasized the goal of having one processor family that caters to both mobile and desktop segments. When asked about the return to separate processor families for mobile and desktop, she stated, "That is not the case. I want one processor family top to bottom for both segments, doesn't everybody?"

Overall, Intel's confirmation of the Meteor Lake desktop CPUs marks an important step for the company's future CPU releases.